Lucy Park


Skin magazine appreciates the raw form of the human body: The shape that it creates, its details, its blemishes and flaws.


The reason why I decided to do a magazine on human skin was because I was interested in my own skin condition called dermatographia, also known as skin writing. When people with dermatographia make light scratches on their body, the scratches swell up similarly like hives, which eventually disappears in few minutes. Dermatographia is a very foreign concept for many, but I was very fascinated by the condition, and felt that any type of skin should be celebrated and appreciated.

Through the first volume of Skin, I wanted to focus on showing the raw beauty of human skin in its stationary form; how it wraps around the bones and veins, and what kind of shadows and highlights the two can create. All of the photos are unedited except for minor adjustments such as brightness and sharpens, showing all the blemishes and flaws that are commonly edited out.


I felt that the biggest goal in approaching this project was to make the magazine seem as raw and pure as possible. I thought in order to accomplish that, it would make sense to add my own handwriting in different parts of the magazine. My handwriting can be seen in various spreads, including the cover. This was definitely an adventure, but I felt that it was successful in creating depth to the overall magazine.