Lucy Park


Motion graphics piece that briefly explains the change in value of the phenomenal cryptocurrency from its invention.


Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are one of the most controversial topics that are being discussed today. With a single coin valued at around $10,000 CAD, Bitcoin is a global payment system that possesses no middle-man, such as a bank, within a transaction.

Although Bitcoin became a phenomenon in our society very recently, it has been with us for a decade. In my 40-second motion graphics piece, I focused on the change in value of this cryptocurrency since its invention.


Initially, the project was supposed to be a lot longer. It included more information about its history, and briefly explained the reasons why the creator, or creators of Bitcoin decided to develop this kind of cryptocurrency. However, I felt that it would be more straightforward and digestible if I only explained how the value of it has changed overtime.

The clip below is the briefly finished version of the project before receiving feedback.


Some of the feedback I received included...

  • Adding a call-to-action or a title in the beginning
  • Positioning the two pizzas side-by-side
  • Changing the money bag to a vault in order to stay consistent with the shape of the coin
  • Changing the value from $100m to $100,000,000 to create bigger impact
  • Making animations follow the narration more